Tuesday, April 29, 2008



Anonymous said...
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derik said...
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derik said...

2days after the review.

not exactly the best way I could have imagined finishing my 5 years,
but I am happy about my thesis;
I got very important feedbacks, I dont care about some of the comments, I dont mind being yelled at for not being ready early(its a big problem of mine that I couldnt fix for 5 years).
thank you Dan and Marc for the trust and allowing me to present on Saturday. I do believe this studio was the best as a thesis studio.

the most important fruit that I earned from the 2 semesters was my understanding of the poetic qualities brought from synaesthesia, or crossing between the forte and piano of perception, where this 'crossing' can happen in both physical space and mental space.

I hope the subject synaesthesia continues next year and on, and developes more.

Marc, I still have one of your books. let me know how I should get it back to you.

Dan B said...

I would like to understand why and what was removed by the blog administrator..that is REALLY STRANGE

Derik...the images are great..keep going

derik said...

the "blog administrator" happens to be me. I removed comments that
were phishing to virus. I don't know why it says it has been removed by the 'blog administrator.'