Friday, August 31, 2007


please comment to this post. i need to know who is not getting info.



Thursday, August 30, 2007

thesis research assignment due sept 4th

studio 07/08:

please purchase--Metaphors We Live By (Paperback) by George Lakoff (Author), Mark Johnson (Author)

amazon link:

please purchase the most recent addition. This includes an afterword published in 2003.

you are required to have read (and understood) the following out of it (for tuesday:)

-Chapters 1 ('concepts we live by) thru to Chapter 6 ( 'ontological metaphors')
pgs 3-32

-Afterword pg 239-274

in addition, purchase this book too:

The Child's Conception of Physical Causality (Paperback) by Jean Piaget (Author), Jaan Valsiner (Introduction), Jean Valsiner (Author)

amazon link:

from this, read the introduction and one chapter of your choosing (your interest.)

I will leave photocopies in my mailbox of some of this, however get the books for yourself asap.

I will be leaving a film editing program in my mailbox.
If you do not have one.
Please begin to learn this software asap.
I will arrange for a tutorial as well.

Please ask others in this class to email me asap, so that we may begin dialogue on this blog.